Steakhouse Restaurant at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong


Fernando Gojan

Chef Fernando has worked at various Western restaurants in international hotel chains, including Park Hyatt Buenos Aires. In 2012, he decided to pursue his career in Hong Kong and joined different well-known steakhouses as a sous chef, eventually working himself way up to head chef. “My long-term passion and my Argentinian blood leads to where I am today. In my experience, the most important part of a restaurant is the menu and where we source the products from. We have to be cautious and conscientious when selecting our suppliers as it affects not only the taste, texture and appearance of the dish, but also our wellbeing”, remarks Chef Fernando. 

With a mixture of cultural working backgrounds plus his endeavours and dedication throughout these years, Chef Fernando is excited to showcase his passion and philosophy to the local diners through his new menu. “I am honoured to re-join the Hyatt family and delighted to source unique produce and unveil it to the public!”, Chef Fernando added.



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