Born and raised in the Patagonia region of Argentina, Chef Fernando started off as an apprentice in 2004.


Chef Fernando has worked at various Western restaurants in international hotel chains, including Park Hyatt Buenos Aires. In 2012, he decided to pursue his career in Hong Kong and joined different well-known steakhouses as a sous chef, eventually working himself way up to head chef. “My long-term passion and my Argentinian blood leads to where I am today. In my experience, the most important part of a restaurant is the menu and where we source the products from. We have to be cautious and conscientious when selecting our suppliers as it affects not only the taste, texture and appearance of the dish, but also our wellbeing”, remarks Chef Fernando.


With a mixture of cultural working backgrounds plus his endeavours and dedication throughout these years, Chef Fernando is excited to showcase his passion and philosophy to the local diners through his new menu. “I am honoured to re-join the Hyatt family and delighted to source unique produce and unveil it to the public!”, Chef Fernando added.


The main highlight of the new menu will be its focus on introducing a whole range of artisanal dry-aged beef that is carefully sourced from small-scale farms; good in taste and texture and also good for people's health. “I believe it is important to eat smart, to enjoy delicious food and yet be mindful about what we are eating. That is why we try really hard to source from around the world to bring in quality meats to Steakhouse”, Chef Fernando noted.


Last September, Steakhouse introduced bison steak from the US in Hong Kong for the first time, and it took the market by storm. “The feedback on bison from the market showed that we are going in the right direction, and it encouraged us to further source quality artisanal beef from different parts of the world. On the new menu, we have added award-winning organic beef from the Rhug Estate in North Wales. The famous Aberdeen Angus breed is renowned for its quality and flavour due to high levels of marbling within the muscle. Some suggest that it may be the best beef in the world; Galician beef from Spain is also included on our new menu”.


Artisanal beef highlights in the new menu includes:


John Stone in Ireland [Tenderloin, Rib eye and Tomahawk Rib Eye Chop]

This type of beef has become steak-lovers’ all-time favourite due to the way the cattle is raised. John Stone is located in Ireland, where the cattle can roam freely in a small-scale farm and are fed 100% grass, ensuring no antibiotics or hormones are used.


Rhug Estate in UK [Strip Loin and Rib Eye]

Appearing for the first time at Grand Hyatt Steakhouse, the beef from the main hub of Lord Newborough, Rhug Estate, is known as the “luxury of beef”. To support their commitment to an organic lifestyle, the cattle is raised on an organic farmland where the grass is certified and monitored by The Soil Association, without any unnecessary antibiotics or growth hormones. 


Gutrei Galician in Spain [Tenderloin and Strip Loin]

When it comes to Spanish cuisine, Gutrei Galician steak is definitely one of the highlights. They are free range cattle and are grass and corn fed. Compared to other free range beef, Galician beef is raised for at least eight years, giving them sufficient time to grow before being slaughtered. The beef is dry-aged for 40 days, making it rich and beefy in flavour and with a firmer texture.


Of course, if you fancy some accompaniments or appetizers to go with your steak, Chef Fernando has selected some highlights that match perfectly with your beef, such as Canadian lobster, roasted bone marrow, Galician mussels escabeche etc.


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