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Hong Kong's first bison menu at Grand Hyatt Steakhouse

<strong><strong>Hong Kong's first bison menu at Grand Hyatt Steakhouse</strong></strong>

Meat lovers rejoice! Grand Hyatt Steakhouse is proud to announce the arrival of bison meat, which will appear in Hong Kong for the first time, available exclusively at Grand Hyatt Steakhouse from 11 September 2017.

The great American Bison, an ancient ancestor of the cow, has had a remarkable comeback story from once being on the brink of extinction due to a combination of human activity and climate change. Up to 40 million bison are thought to have roamed North America in the past, but by the late 1800s their numbers had dropped to less than 1,000. People once relied on bison for food, shelter and clothing, while the animal itself was regarded as a powerful spiritual symbol. Because bison played such a central role in U.S. history, former U.S. President Barack Obama designated bison the country’s official mammal.

Following the rising popularity of bison meat in the United States, our Executive Chef Gerhard Passrugger has put a lot of effort into bringing this U.S. national treasure to Hong Kong via an exclusive supply chain to Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. “I think bison will ‘wow’ Hong Kong diners and excite the local dining scene as a new premium steak!“ said Chef Gerhard.

Beyond bison’s amazing story, there is also a big difference between standard cattle beef and natural bison meat. Nutritionally speaking, bison meat is an excellent source of complete protein and a rich source of multiple vitamins. Being lower in saturated fat and cholesterol, it is also healthier than beef. In terms of texture, grain-fed bison meat is leaner and more tender than beef, due in part to the meat’s lack of hormones, antibiotics and steroids.

To celebrate the arrival of bison meat at Grand Hyatt Steakhouse, Chef Gerhard has crafted a special bison menu for diners to savour. Highlights include bison tartare, bison “bone in ribeye” charred with bamboo ash and flambéed with bourbon and roasted garlic butter, and short ribs, smoked with bison herbs and glazed with a tangy maple glaze.


Short ribs, smoked with bison herbs and glazed with a tangy maple glaze
For food-photo hounds and meat lovers, this must-snap, must-eat bison dish offers a high-quality steak, amazing flavours and a presentation that is sure to capture everyone’s attention. This special dish requires a certain amount of time to prepare as the meat undergo 40-hour slow cook. It is served in a custom wooden box that reveals a flurry of herb smoke when its lid is removed, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience.


Bison “bone in ribeye” charred with bamboo ash and flambéed with bourbon and roasted garlic butter
Enjoy dramatic tableside flair while watching this bison tomahawk steak be flambéed with bourbon. Before being flambéed, the steak will be topped with bamboo ash and homemade garlic-pepper butter. Once roasted, this natural and flavourful bison tomahawk steak will be juicy and full of concentrated bison flavours.


Bison tartare with tomatoes and 12-month-aged buffalo cheese
This flavourful bison tartare is a not-to-be-missed appetizer featuring fresh tomatoes and 12-month-aged buffalo cheese. Bison’s tender texture complements its flavour, which is more delicate and less pronounced than beef, ensuring a memorable start to the bison journey. 

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