New Face and New Menu at One Harbour Road

<strong>New Face and New Menu at One Harbour Road</strong>

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong is proud to announce the appointment of Chef Chan Hon Cheong, the new Chef de Cuisine of One Harbour Road.

Starting off as an apprentice, Chef Cheong has gained significant Chinese culinary experience while working in the food and beverage industry since 1991. He has worked at various award-winning Chinese restaurants in luxury international hotel chains, including a Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant, and he has won several culinary awards, including the gold medal with distinction at the Best of the Best Culinary Awards.


“My long-term passion for Chinese cuisine has led me to where I am today.  I like to participate and also encourage my team to attend quality culinary competitions to push limits and draw inspirations,” he says.  “To live up to modern diners’ expectations, I always try to push the boundaries by adding my own touch to original authentic Cantonese dishes.”


Having helmed One Harbour Road for the last couple decades, Chinese Executive Chef Li Shu Tim is glad to have Chef Cheong join the team. “I have been working at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong since it opened in 1989. After 28 fruitful years at One Harbour Road, we have created and nurtured a strong relationship with loyal guests. Even the children of guests gradually become regular visitors now,” said Chef Tim. “I think it is the best time to share my culinary experiences with the next generation and hopefully they can bring our guests refreshing yet authentic elements to One Harbour Road. Finding a talented and suitable chef is not easy, but Chef Cheong is definitely the best person for this position. In the coming years, I will work closely with Chef Cheong while overlooking the Chinese banquet team at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong.”


Chef Cheong has crafted the following new dishes for One Harbour Road:

  • Braised sea cucumber with shrimp mousse, deep-fried pigeon egg and gold leaf

  • Steamed sustainable giant garoupa fillet with bamboo piths, beancurd sheet and fermented rice wine sauce

  • Wok-fried lobster, crab meat, sea urchin and egg white

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