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Degustando Alla Grande

Degustando Alla Grande

We often notice oversized wine bottles in different restaurants and bars, especially on the wine shelf, and often wonder if they are for display purposes or for sale. Exclusively for one month only, Grissini will be presenting an extraordinary wine pairing menu for diner’s to experience the true flavour of ‘Grande’ wines, along with the seasonal Italian dishes crafted by Chef Alessandro.

People may start to wonder about the difference between big and small wines. Research has claimed that drinking from large formats produces a better taste, as longer ageing and maturation processes are required. Hence the wine is generally better, as it develops greater nuances and more complex flavours than standard bottles of wine.

Chef Alessandro and hotel sommelier Julien Peros have joined forces to create a brand new dining experience for guests, where diners can savour authentic cuisine while enjoying a journey to Italian wine regions, from Friuli to Piedmont, Tuscany to Veneto. The wines will be served with the spectacular Vcanter.

“Chef Alessandro and I are excited to bring this dramatic experience to diners as we see that it is very rare for hotels or restaurants to supply oversized wines. I have carefully selected exceptional wines, including rare magnums and Jeroboam to complement Chef Alessandro’s seasonal dishes,” said Julien.

The exquisite Degustando Alla Grande five-course menu will include:

Bocconcino All’ Olio Di Oliva, Polipo, Salsa Alla Luciana
This is a traditional appetizer served with homemade olive oil bocconcino with octopus in Luciana sauce. Since the texture of the octopus is chewy, it complements the light white wine, balancing the intense aroma. Hence, Ronco del Gelso, “Toc Bas”, DOC Friuli Isonzo White 2015 – Magnum will be served, as Friulano is the most typical and famous white wine in Friuli and these wines are usually lively and fruit-driven which does not mask the flavour of the octopus.

La Zuppetta Di Porcini, Lingua Di Vitello, Tortellini Alla Fava Di Tonka
This is a seasonal dish as fresh wild Porcini mushrooms are harvested in early September. With a pungent and woodsy flavour from the Porcini mushrooms, a rich and deep flavour from the veal tongue cube and a distinctive fruity and spicy flavour from the Tonka beans, the complexity of the dish will go well with an earthily flavoured wine – Cantina del Pino, DOCG Barbaresco Red 2008 – Magnum as aged Nebbiolo carries scents of tar and roses and has a great amount of acidity and mouth-drying tannins to pair perfectly with the food.

I Maccheroni Gerardo Di Nola, O’ Scarpariello
This is a signature pasta dish of Chef Alessandro, which includes San Marzano tomato, caciotta cheese and chilli pepper. Generally, tomatoes influence a wine pairing because of their acidity. Hence, Montevertine, IGT Toscana Red 2009 – Jeroboam has been selected as it contains plenty of acidity beneath to balance the tomato flavour of the dish.

IL Tenero Di Manzo, Rapa Rossa, Mosto Cotto
The seared beef tenderloin is served with beetroot and celeriac cream, where the idea is to match the protein of the beef with the tannins and richness coming from the wine – Allegrini, DOCG Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Red 2011 – Jeroboam. Amarone is an intensely flavoured dry red wine that presents a strong tannic structure. The dry texture of the wine complements the beef tenderloin well and the sweetness of the grapes go well with the beetroot in the dish.

Cioccolato 80%, Lamponi, Mirtilli
To end the ‘Grande’ journey on a sweet note, 80% dark chocolate mousse with raspberries and blackberries will be prepared. It is somewhat challenging to pair wine with chocolate as chocolate and wine have a lot of similarities, such as the level of tannins. If they are not paired well, they will end up clashing against each other on the tongue. Hence, Julien has carefully selected Masi, “Angelorum”, DOCG Recioto della Valpolicella Classico 2012, which is a red dessert wine that offers a smooth and refined texture, with a wonderful balance of alcohol, sugar and structure.

From 4 September - 31 October, the five-course wine pairing menu will be available daily from 6:30 PM – 10:00 PM.

Five-course menu – HK$980
Five-course menu (including four wines) – HK$1,480
Five-course menu (including four wines plus dessert wine) – HK$1,580

All prices are subject to a 10% service charge.

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