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Butcher's Best Kept Secret

<strong>Butcher's Best Kept Secret</strong>

Who doesn’t like knowing secrets? Continuing Grand Hyatt Steakhouse’s focus on sourcing unique and quality meats from around the world, Chef Fernando Gojan has decided to reveal some of the cuts you may never have heard of, or you knew about but may not had the chance to try as the butchers only share these treasures with their loyal customers.


Steakhouses normally serve the most popular cuts of meat such as striploin, tenderloin and ribeye. There are, however, some under-appreciated parts that are worth trying.  Those hidden gems, even though not so well-known, could be the most flavourful and amazing in texture.


This time, Chef Fernando has brought us some unique cuts such as lamb kidneys from Rhug Estate, Asado ribs from Argentinean grass fed Black Angus, ribeye cap from USDA natural prime Black Angus and Secreto from Acorn fed Iberian pork.


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