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Praised for its home-made Lobster Bisque ice cream, Tiffin is excited to launch six new creative and distinctive flavours as part of Tiffin’s summer ice cream campaign. In June, everyone in town was invited to come up with a recipe for the flavour of their dreams and give it a catchy name. As a result, six of the most imaginative flavours now appear on Tiffin’s ice cream dessert counter. It’s like a dream come true!


Helmed by the new Executive Pastry Chef, Smita Grosse, the talented culinary team have carefully gone through all the responses from participants and have chosen the winning concoctions based on innovative flavour combinations, textural qualities, distinctiveness of ingredients and boldness of concept and story. These winning entries are available from now until early September. Patrons of all ages are welcome to com and savour them during lunch buffet, afternoon tea and dinner buffet.  


In addition to the six new ice cream flavours, Tiffin is concurrently serving four seasonal and traditional flavours from Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, all handcrafted using only the highest-quality ingredients, including French dark chocolateMadagascar vanilla beanpeach and champagne sorbet, and lemon sorbet.


The six inventive flavours are:

  • Pigs can fly

What makes this flavour interesting is that it involves some familiar local ingredients, such as salted egg yolk and pork floss, which are quite unexpected in ice cream.

  • Frozen Lederhosen

By just reading or listening to the name, you may immediately relate it to Oktoberfest. This flavour makes for a perfect malty, caramel and salty bite, as it involves malt beer, toffee crunch and pretzels.


  • So Thai 
    Mango sticky rice fans alert! Here comes the ice cream version your favourite dessert! It is made of coconut milk and mango cubes, offering the exact same texture of real mango sticky rice.


  • Royal fantasy
    Inspired by the recent British royalty wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, this flavour has infused orange blossom with honey and ginger, offering an elegant and delightful taste. 

  • Crispy-crunch Maple

This ice cream flavour offers a crispy and crunchy texture from the bacon and maple, respectively, which makes it special. 


  • Rude Raspberry

Rich raspberry ice cream with a caramelised vanilla as ice cream base.

Apart from the extraordinary ice cream journey, Chef Smita has also created new afternoon tea items to match the whole summery theme, infusing seasonal ingredients into standard specialties. Included are salted caramel chocolate cakeraspberry cheese tartpistachio profiterole apricot jelly and Greek yogurt mousse with honey lemon. 


With the six new unique ice cream flavours and new summery afternoon tea items, we are sure we can offer guests a sensational, emotional and exciting tasting experience at Tiffin.

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