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27 years of nostalgic Tiffin memories

<strong>27 years of nostalgic Tiffin memories</strong>

Ever thought of travelling back in time to savour loved dishes from decades past? From 6 April to 5 May, Tiffin will be celebrating during the final month before its closure for refurbishment.


“As we prepare to bid farewell to Tiffin before its refurbishment in May, we will bring back the most popular dishes created by the three legendary executive chefs who reigned at this hotel in decades past, inviting guests to relive the memories and savour their favourites once more,” said Grand Hyatt Hong Kong’s Executive Chef Gerhard Passrugger. “Tiffin’s story will be continued, and before the exciting new chapter starts in September, bringing back wonderful, nostalgic dishes is the best way to summarise and celebrate this magical chapter.”


Whenever people talk about Tiffin, the dishes that come to mind and inspire strong nostalgia include the steak and kidney pie from Chef Josef Budde, the fresh-baked lobster and cheese soufflé from Chef Marco Avitabile and the homemade ice cream cakes and ice cream station built by Chef Marcus Mathyssek

Chef Josef Budde – Ex-Grand Hyatt Executive Chef (1989 – 2002)
“In 1989, I was honoured to be the opening chef of Tiffin. I am happy to see how it has gradually transformed into what it is today, while maintaining its authenticity.” Chef Budde added: “I began my career as a young chef in a small inn near Aylesbury. This was when I learned how to make steak and kidney pie. I then decided to bring this skill to Hong Kong diners. At that time, Tiffin had the best presentation among other restaurants or private clubs, serving this pie in a heavy cast-iron casserole. Since then, it has become one of the most popular dishes at Tiffin.”


Chef Marco Avitabile – Ex-Grand Hyatt Executive Chef (2002 – 2008)
Current Regional Vice President of Food & Beverage (Asia Pacific)

“To me, Tiffin at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong is the best place to socialize with business partners or relax after shopping. It complements dining with live music and heartfelt colleagues, which makes the whole experience unique. During my time, the classic French fresh-baked lobster and cheese soufflé was the centre of attention at the dessert buffet. It added a European flair to the evening and became an instant success.”


Chef Marcus Mathyssek – Ex-Grand Hyatt Executive Chef (2008 – 2016)
Current Director of Food & Beverage

“Throughout all these years, the dessert buffet has always been the talk of the town. Two of the reasons for this are the ice cream station and the ice cream cakes, which have been served at Tiffin since 2008.” Mr Mathyssek added: “Ice cream is always a part of dessert, so we decided to make it special by making it homemade. It took us around six months to figure out our recipe for making flavourful yet natural ice cream.”

“Especially memorable was the campaign we did in summer 2015. The public was asked to create and name their own ice cream flavour, and we eventually made eight of their flavours come true during the summer. Amongst the innovative flavours, ‘Coconut & lobster bisque ice cream’ surprisingly became one of Tiffin’s gimmicks.”


Promotion details:
6th April to 5th May
Available daily from 6:30PM – 10:00PM
Dinner buffet at HK$728 plus 10% service charge per person


Telephone: 2584 7722


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