Bringing Fresh Wild Mushroom From Yunnan To One Harbour Road

The summertime monsoon season in Yunnan arrives, also marks the beginning of Yunnan’s wild mushroom season – from June till September. This July, One Harbour Road Chef de Cuisine – Chan Hon Cheong has purposely travelled to Yunnan for a few days to understand more about the different varieties of edible wild mushrooms and brought them back for diners to experience it on the table.

Chef Cheong will be transforming these special wild mushroom species including Ganbajun, Matsutake, Catathelasma, Niuganjun and many more into a mushroom feast for guests to savour during lunch and dinner. Highlights include:

Wok fried egg white, chanterelle mushrooms, prawns, spring onions, crispy prawn head and spicy peppered salt
One of Chef Cheong’s master skills is to make wok-fried egg white and this time, he added seasonal chanterelle mushrooms to enhance the flavour, giving an earthy aroma to the dish and a smooth texture.

Double boiled chicken soup, matsutake mushrooms, bamboo piths and conch in young coconut
This nourishing seasonal soup offers a distinctive aroma and chewy texture as it includes matsutake mushrooms and bamboo piths, offering an exceptional experience like no other.

Baked avocado filled with crab meat, assorted wild mushroom, cheese and onion
These wild mushrooms are filled with a delicious combination of fresh crab meat, cheese and onion, offering a succulent flavor plus a smooth texture from the avocado.

Braised whole boneless pigeon filled with assorted wild mushrooms, conpoy, coix seeds, lotus seeds, pork, salty egg yolk and abalone sauce
This is a traditional dish with a great range of flavours coming from the pigeon, assorted wild mushrooms and the rest of the ingredients.

This seasonal wild mushroom menu is only available from now until the end of September.

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