Traditional Mooncake Collections

One of the most anticipated festivities of the year, Mid-Autumn Festival is not far ahead and Grand Hyatt Hong Kong has prepared a series of delectable mooncakes, all in brand new packaging for you to savour and share with friends, family and business associates.

This year, Executive Chinese Chef Li Shu Tim has crafted a range of all-time favourites and creative flavours to make your Mid-Autumn Festival celebration even more memorable. With three options of distinctive flavours: Full Moon, Bright Moon and One Harbour Road Collection, there is bound to be one that suits your palate.

From now until 1 September 2020, you can enjoy an exclusive 15% early bird discount on the Mooncake Collection. Visit our online store to purchase now!


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Full Moon Box (Discount price: HK$372.3, Original price: HK$438)
Featuring authentic white lotus seed paste with two salted egg yolks, encased in a thin pastry that is fresh and delicate.

Bright Moon Box (Discount price: HK$321.3, Original price: HK$378) 
Filled with well-balanced egg custard for a delicious melt-in-the-mouth experience, perfectly portioned for sharing to create a memorable occasion.

One Harbour Road Collection Box (Discount price: HK$338.3, Original price: HK$398) 
Catering to more premium flavours, the acclaimed One Harbour Road Collection Box features three unique and creative flavours: the decadent and classic egg custard, the fruity egg custard with pineapple, and the aromatic white bean paste with roselle and salted caramel.

All mooncakes are presented in a classy and elegant gift box adorned with One Harbour Road’s signature show plate collection, symbolizing unity under the full moon, making them the ideal gifts during the Mid-Autumn season.

For those seeking a more deluxe option, the Grand Hamper (Discount price: HK$2879.8, Original price: HK$3,388)  features box of mooncakes of your choice alongside a selection of other delights, such as a bottle of Veuve Cliquot Ponsardin Brut NV Champagne, One Harbour Road’s renowned homemade X.O. chilli sauce, Chocolatier’s assorted chocolates, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong bespoke tea, premium Japanese dried black mushrooms and Chinese Yunnan ham, caramelised walnuts, fried cashew nuts and seasonal fruits. This hamper of delicious goodies is the ultimate treat.

Opt for the Grand Moment (Discount price: HK$839.8, Original price: HK$988)  for a luxurious yet handy gift for the Mid-Autumn season. Featuring a bottle of Pinot Noir “Heritage 1831”, Albert Bichot, Burgundy, three pieces of egg custard mooncakes and a jar of One Harbour Road’s signature homemade X.O. sauce, the hamper comes in an elegant yet functional wine bag that is reusable for all sorts of celebratory occasions.

Hampers, Full Moon and Bright Moon mooncake collections are available to order now and can be picked up from 1 September to 1 October 2020.

One Harbour Road Collection boxes can be picked up from 18 September to 1 October 2020.

Click here or contact Chocolatier at 2584 7744 to order now.