Grand Hyatt Hong Kong Presents One Harbour Road Mooncake Collections For Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is all about sharing memorable flavours with family and loved ones under the bright full moon. This year, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong is proud to launch a series of delectable mooncake offerings including Full Moon Box, Bright Moon Box and One Harbour Road Collection Box, with elegant packaging and creative flavours for you to share with family, loved ones and business associates.

Enjoy 15% discount now or bulk purchase offer of 30% discount if you order 5 boxes or more.

The exquisite mooncake collection include:

One Harbour Road Collection Box
(Discounted price: HK$372.3, original price: HK$438)

Egg custard mooncakes have always been a crowd-pleaser when it comes to Mid-Autumn delights. This year, Executive Chinese Chef Chan Hon-cheong has specially curated a trio of egg custard mooncakes in three distinctive flavours for discerning gourmands to sample.

Apart from traditional egg custard, Chef Cheong has designed a creative concoction of egg custard with yuzu and sea salt, with pieces of yuzu added to provide notes of refreshing citrus flavours and textures. A sprinkle of sea salt also brings out a savoury touch, complementing the rich egg custard for a well-balanced bite.

Last year’s fan-favourite, egg custard with crystalized ginger, also makes a grand return. Inspired by One Harbour Road’s signature milk pudding with homemade candied ginger, Chef Cheong incorporates seasonal young ginger sourced since early summer, crystalizing them with sugar to blend with the smooth and silky egg custard. The spiciness of the ginger pairs beautifully with the richness of the egg custard for a harmonious mouthful of flavours.

Full Moon Box
(Discounted price: HK$397.8, original price: HK$468)

The traditional mooncakes in this box feature authentic white lotus seed paste with two salted egg yolks, encased in a thin pastry that is fresh and delicate.

Bright Moon Box
(Discounted price: HK$355.3, original price: HK$418)

Filled with well-balanced egg custard for a delicious melt-in-the-mouth experience, perfectly portioned for sharing to create a memorable occasion.

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The elegant two-tier mooncake gift boxes feature 3D effects of One Harbour Road’s signature show plate collection to symbolise unity under the full moon, making them the ideal gifts during the Mid-Autumn season. The box is also easy to carry around with elegant ribbon handles on both side, while having sustainability in mind as part of the effort in cut down excessive packaging.

Grand Hamper
(Discounted price: HK$2,879.8; Original price: HK$3,388)

For those seeking a more deluxe gift option, the Grand Hamper features a Full Moon Mooncake Box along with a collection of other delights, such as a bottle of Pol Roger Brut Réserve Champagne, a bottle of Château Luchey-Halde, Pessac Leognan red wine, One Harbour Road’s renowned homemade X.O. chilli sauce, South African abalones, Chocolatier’s assorted chocolates, bespoke tea from Tealeaves, caramelised walnuts, fried cashew nuts and seasonal fruits. This hamper of delicious goodies is the ultimate treat.

Grand Moment
(Discounted price: HK$924.8; Original price: HK$1,088) 

Opt for the lighter Grand Moment for a luxurious yet handy gift for the Mid-Autumn season. Featuring a bottle of Delamotte Brut NV Champagne, three egg custard mooncakes and a jar of One Harbour Road’s signature homemade X.O. chilli sauce, the hamper comes in an elegant yet functional wine bag that is reusable for all sorts of celebratory occasions.


Full Moon Box, Bright Moon Box, One Harbour Road Collection box, Grand Hamper and Grand Moment can be picked up from 1 September to 29 September 2023.

Mooncake Collection Inclusion Price Discounted Price Quantity
One Harbour Road Collection Box Egg custard
Egg custard with crystalised ginger
Egg custard with yuzu and sea salt
$438 $372.3 Six mini-cakes, two per flavour
Full Moon Box Traditional white lotus seed paste with two salted egg yolks $468 $397.8 Four cakes
Bright Moon Box Egg custard $418 $355.3 Six mini-cakes

Enjoy 15% discount now or bulk purchase offer of 30% discount if you order 5 boxes or more.

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