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With a new look and a whole new attitude, Grand Café proudly presents three new distinctive and themed afternoon tea sets for our afternoon tea lovers.

To modernise the serving of traditional tea sets, Chef de Cuisine of Grand Café, Marc Briol and Executive Pastry Chef, James Holehouse, of Grand Hyatt Hong Kong has joined hands in creating something contemporary to suit different type of personalities and taste while promising a five-dimensional sensory experience like no other. Instead of serving traditional 3-tier tea sets, the talented chefs offer a brand-new afternoon tea experience with three new and unique themes for guests to savour.

Begin your relaxing afternoon by soaking yourself in the views of garden and city skyline as you enjoy a sumptuous afternoon tea set at the Grand Café.

Sam Dim Sam” 

At 3:15 PM, “Sam Dim Sam” in Cantonese, is the usual time when tea is taken in Hong Kong. 

The Hong Kong-style tea set features Grand Café’s signature Hainanese chicken rice, as well as homemade traditional dim sum items such as BBQ pork puff pastry, minced pork dumpling with quail egg and sesame shrimp toast. There are also the “must-try” local favourites, such as egg tarts, milk tea ice cream coupe with sago and ginger jelly, and the unique Hong Kong milk tea. Full of local characteristics, this set not only appeals to travellers, but is also a homey choice for local diners. 



The “Lobsterlicious” set in Grand Café is something that all lobster lovers should not miss. Savour the lobster feast with warm lobster sub in charcoal bun, lobster croquette, lobster claw cocktail and lobster bisque. Last but not least, the set features summery items to beat the heat, such as coconut mango crepe, mango pudding, vanilla bean ice cream sandwich and the refreshing Peach and vanilla bean ice tea.

T-T-T” known as “Tea Time Toasties” 

This American-style set includes savoury items such as the ‘trio of toasties’ – Ham and Cheese Toasty with Black Truffles, Chicken Avocado Toasty with Bacon, and ‘Pizza’ Toasty with Tomato, Salami and Cheese, Curly Fries and Wild Mushroom Soup. For matching dessert items, we have selected the Classic Banana Split Ice Cream Sundae and Green Tea & Almond Milkshake.


All sets come with madeleine and macaroon. Available daily from 3:00 PM–5:30 PM at Grand Café.   

Tea Time Toasties:                 HK$235/ person
“Sam-dim-Sam”:                     HK$270/ person
Lobsterlicious:                         HK$390/ person

Subject to 10% service charge 



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